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Loose In The Air
September 13, 2005

There is a foreboding sense of everything coming apart at the seams in The Double’s subversive take on pop music. Their Matador debut, 'Loose in the Air,' is an eerie, paranoid album steeped in a hyper-awareness of the impermanence of things. Melody moves through thick layers of noisy, manic guitars and heavily distorted keyboards, and drums fight through a dense fog of melancholy. Tender vocals soar high and low through an atmosphere of chaos – it’s at once unsettling and utterly captivating.

The men of The Double are completely tuned into their own frequencies, seemingly unaffected by current trends. As a result, they have quickly attracted a loyal following that craves the Double’s brand of sonic experimentation and innovation. Last year’s 'Palm Fronds' (Catsup Plate) is a rock-pop album in the same way that David Lynch’s 'Mulholland Drive' is a romantic comedy. Still, in addition to charming critics, 'Palm Fronds' earned the Double a coveted Peel Session, as well as opening slots for Interpol and Blonde Redhead in Europe.

For 'Loose in the Air,' the band escaped New York and holed up with Steve Revitte for 12 days at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Having recorded everyone from The Liars and Tito Puente to the Beastie Boys and Black Dice, Revitte embraced The Double’s idiosyncrasies and captured their broad instrumental scope. The result is 10 songs that burst with frantic energy and reach sublime transcendence.

“Up All Night” opens the record as a sort of manifest, the blueprint for what’s to come. David says, “I found the melody singing along to instrumental dub tracks; I was reaching for Yoko Ono’s minor notes.” “In The Fog” was originally written and recorded during their Peel Session last year. Jacob arranged the instrumentation on piano in the studio, and inspired by the history of their surroundings, they set out to write a “classic” and re-recorded it at Tarquin for 'Loose In The Air.' The epic “Dance” was written to accompany a fashion show and debuted last spring at Lincoln Center. In it, David talks about the performance and exhaustion of dancing – “hulled out of breath, all loose at the ends, so bodied to ourselves in the head”.

Of “Hot Air”, Jacob says “I hope Ray Manzarek hears this and shits peyote out of his mouth. Vox Continental organ and piano, just like the Zombies, but maybe a more grotesque, undead Rod Argent.” “Busty Beasty” is a stoner lullaby of sorts, Jacob rocking those ethereal E Naturals in the cascading G Major-to-Minor section like a street fair magician, and Donald his sick, beautiful maiden. Elsewhere, the Double even lay down their version of a radio hit in “Idiocy” and a love song – the “dorm room make-out anthem”, says Jacob – in “Ripe Fruit”.

The Double cite influences as diverse as Syd Barrett, Alice Coltrane, the Beatles, Horace Andy, the Zombies, Suicide, Brian Eno, Keith Hudson, and the Velvet Underground, and though the spirit of these bands is present in The Double’s music, their sounds are not. Loose in the Air is a unique work that is beyond comparison. It’s a mature album as viscerally satisfying as it is intellectually stimulating. It sounds like a premonition – a bone ache, before a big storm.

David Greenhill - bass and vocals
Jacob Morris - keyboards
Jeff McLeod - drums and electronics
Donald Beaman - guitar and vocals 

"The varied swath of music categorized as noise tends to bank on its ties to the sublime: the ability to induce bewilderment, stupefaction, and awe that traverses fear. But for the Brooklyn-based foursome The Double, noise-metallic clacks and supersonic crackles, crumpling guitars and disappearing vocals-is an accessory that sweetly disorders melody, a union that entreats and welcomes rather than confuses and commandeers."
                                               -- Village Voice

News From The Matablog

Matador Alumni Corner Update

We really oughta do these more often. Don't call it a comeback, these folks have been here for years. Or somewhere else for months.


1) Early ManTouring like crazy and there's a new EP on the Jarboe-tastic The End.

2) Jacob Morris, formerly one of the key characters beyond the dearly missed Double.  New EP on Rcrd Lbl

3) 18th DyeNew album and US tour.

Pre-blog News

03/10/06 — US tour; SXSW 
Just back from a particularly destructive visit to London and Paris, The Double are back on the road in support of their criminally overlooked Matador debut, 'Loose In The Air'. If I were you, I wouldn't appreciate being characterized as a criminal.

Mar 9 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
Mar 10 - Chicago, IL - Schuba's
Mar 11 - Richmond, IN - Earlham College/Comstock Room
Mar 13 - Columbia, MO - Mojo's
Mar 14 - Oklahoma City, OK - TBA
Mar 16 - Austin, TX - Club Deville SXSW
Mar 20 - Tucson, AZ - Plush *
Mar 21 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
Mar 22 - Claremont, CA - Pitzer College*
Mar 23 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
Mar 24 - Portland, OR - Dante's
Mar 25 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
Mar 27 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
Mar 28 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
Mar 30 - Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar
Apr 1 - Newport, KY - Parlor @ Southgate House
Apr 2 - Columbus, OH - Andyman's Treehouse *
Apr 3 - Washington DC - Iota
Apr 4 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's

in addition, the Double will be very busy in Austin, TX during South By Southwest.

wed.3/15 at Ma Bea's Todd P Party, 1104 East 6th St @ Medina St - on stage at 7pm
thurs.3/16 at Club Deville, 900 Red River - Beggars Party
sat. 3/18 at End Of An Ear Records, instore, 2209 S.1st St (512) 462-6008 - on at 1pm

11/12/05 — Upcoming shows; secret site open to all; Europe
As 'Looose In The Air' continues to attract attention far and wide, we're happy to announce the Double will be supporting Pretty Girls Make Graves in early December:

Mon, Dec 5 - New York NY - Knitting Factory with PGMG
Tue, Dec 6 - Brooklyn NY - Northsix with PGMG (NEW VENUE!!!)
Thu, Dec 8 - Washington DC - Black Cat with PGMG
Fri, Dec 9 - Bellmore NY - Live Trax with PGMG
Sat, Dec 10 - Providence RI - The Living Room with PGMG
Sun, Dec 11 - Cambridge MA - Middle East with PGMG
Mon, Dec 12 - Philadelphia PA - North Star with PGMG

Additionally, they will be making their first European appearances since signing to Matador, this coming January/February. The album is scheduled for UK/European release on February 7th.

The Double's secret site is now open to all, kind of like Ellis Island except you don't have to change your name! Enjoy artwork, music, video and more.

10/11/05 — Touring reports and pics; video
It's been a crazy month for the Double, what with the release of 'Loose In The Air', a nationwide tour with the likes of Interpol, Fiery Furnaces, M83 and John Vanderslice, etc. They braved Hurricane Rita in the parking lot of a Mississippi Wal-Mart, then played as substitute guests at the massive Austin City Limits festival at approx. 11:45 am on a Friday morning. Oasis performed a couple of nights later to tens of thousands of people; the Double to substantially fewer. Guess whose set was better?

In the middle of all this madness, the band played at a triumphant record release show on the good ship Frying Pan the last Friday in September (see photo). The drinks bill was rather high, but we're pretty certain none of the CMJ attendees were eaten by sharks (not in the literal sense, anyway) so all's well that ends well.

when Chris Lombardi said he'd personally make sure The Double "blew up", this isn't what we had in mind

Matt Goldman's amazing video for "Idiocy" can be found here.

09/12/05 — Reminder: free record release party NYC THIS FRIDAY
Reminder — The Double are playing a free record release party in New York THIS FRIDAY aboard the Frying Pan, which is moored at W. 23rd St. and the West Side Highway at the Chelsea Piers. The party runs from 6-9 PM and the band are scheduled to go on at about 7:30 PM.

Also, the video of "Idiocy" has been posted on the music and video page. It was directed by Matt Goldman.

09/06/05 — Secret website
We've been circulating some enhanced CD's this week at independent shops around the country, which will give you access to an almost-top secret site with Double music, videos, wallpapers, art, photos, etc. 

Those of you who can't find the "key CD" can enjoy the MP3 of "Idiocy" on the main Matador site.

Gaze and gawk at your lesisure, please!

07/27/05 — Shows, album announcement, myspace page 
Following some terrific shows across the US with the Go-Betweens, Mountain Goats and Comets On Fire, The Double will be celebrating their release of their Matador debut CD 'Loose In The Air' with a record release party at NYC's Frying Pan, Pier 63, September 16th at 6pm.

photo by Wesley Law

Apparently there is some other musical event of some sort or another happening in Manhattan that very week, and it is very fortunate that this party is not in conflict with any portion of said confab. We'd hate to get, y'know, blackballed or kicked out of the music business.

July's free gig at South Street Seaport has been rescheduled - it will now be happening on August 24.

"Idiocy", from "Loose In The Air", is now available for your downloading pleasure.

The Double's myspace page can be found here.

07/14/05 — First MP3, biography, new photos
The first MP3 from the album, entitled "Idiocy," is available on the music page. Also check out the new bio and photos.

06/21/05 — Preview some tracks from the album
Visit Elliot Aronow's Simple Mission site to preview some excerpts from 'Loose In The Air' — up for a limited time only, so get over there.

06/08/05 — Summer pre-album tour plans

If you know what's good for you, now would be a good time to have a gander at the tour dates section, where we find The Double immersed in a series of US dates supporting the Mountain Goats, Go-Betweens and Comets On Fire throughout the next two months, in advance of the September release of 'Loose In The Air.'

04/28/05 — Album completed
following a well-received trip to SXSW and a US tour with Ratatat, the Double are amongst those donating their services to raise funds for Tonic, with a benefit

03/24/05 — SXSW, Tonic benefit
following a well-received trip to SXSW and a US tour with Ratatat, the Double are amongst those donating their services to raise funds for Tonic, with a benefit gig scheduled for this Saturday night, March 26. Their upcoming album is almost done, and we look forward with exhilaration to hearing the finished result.

02/01/05 — The Double sign to Matador Records
Matador Records is proud to announce the signing of New York's THE DOUBLE to a worldwide, multi-album recording deal.

The Double approach rock songwriting with a diverse vocabulary and instrumentation that layers vocal harmony and heavy distorted keyboards onto a disorienting yet exacting array of percussive sounds. Their 2002 debut 'Loose Crochet' (54/40 Or Fight), recorded as a duo, introduced their curious blend of home-style American musics and noisy rhythmic experimentation, but it was last year's "Palm Fronds" (Catsup Plate) - their first as a quartet - that confirmed the depth of their idiosyncrasy and allure, with simplified song structures and a broader instrumental palette. Undeniably virtuosic, THE DOUBLE also embrace improvisation and human error, which gives their songs their vulnerability and heart.

photograph by Reuben Cox

The foursome of David Greenhill, Jeff McLeod, Donald Beaman and Jacob Morris have soaked up considerable acclaim in the past year, highlighted by a Peel Session recorded whilst in the UK supporting Blonde Redhead and Interpol. Closer to home, the band are about to embark on a US tour supporting Ratatat, followed by an appearance on Matador's South By Southwest Cavalcade Of Stars package on March 18 (The Parish, Austin, TX). Recording of the band's second album (and first for Matador) is scheduled to begin later this spring, with an eye towards release in the Autumn of 2005.

MP3s are available at:

Past notices for 'Palm Fronds':

"An album whose beauty is so completely overpowering that it made me wonder whether I didn't need to just get with the program and start taking antidepressants like everybody else. Not many songs make me feel like The Song has much of a future; some of these ones do, and that's the highest praise I know how to give."     -- John Darnielle, Last Plane To Jarkata

"The varied swath of music categorized as noise tends to bank on its ties to the sublime: the ability to induce bewilderment, stupefaction, and awe that traverses fear. But for the Brooklyn-based foursome the Double, noise-metallic clacks and supersonic crackles, crumpling guitars and disappearing vocals-is an accessory that sweetly disorders melody, a union that entreats and welcomes rather than confuses and commandeers. "    -- Devon Powers, Village Voice

"One of the most intriguing bands bubbling up downtown, The Double's live show trades gauziness for harder and more direct rock, but prog-minded shifts and waves of weird instrumentation keep things raw and off center"Ý   -- The Onion

Upcoming shows:

Feb 4 - Mighty Robot, Metropolitan & Kent, Brooklyn (with the Occasion, Soliders Of Fortune and Soft Sox)
Feb 5 - (noon) exhibition of Mary Ping's new collect ion, Avery Fisher Hall (Grand Promenade), Lincoln Center, NY
Feb 25 - Swathmore College, Swathmore PA
Feb 26 - Black Cat, Washington DC
Feb 27 - Supreme Imperial Performance, Baltimore MD
Feb 28 - Knitting Factory, NY NY
March 2 - Higher Ground, Winooski, VT
March 4 - The Green Room, Providence RI
March 5 - Middle East, Cambridge, MA
(2/25-3/5 with Ratatat)
March 18 - The Parish, Austin, TX (SXSW show with Stephen Malkmus, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Laura Cantrell, Dead Meadow)

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